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  • Lung ultrasonography is our passion and we dedicated this portal to medical students, doctors and sonographers.

    Lung ultrasound is extremely helpful in everyday medical practice, both in-patient and out-patient. A simple examination technique resembling auscultation of the patient allows for independent application of lung ultrasound in determining the causes of respiratory problems reported by patients. The use of lung ultrasound by clinicians now boils down to point of care, and thus the use in the place of the greatest demand for quick diagnostic. Demand for this type of diagnostics is widely encountered and occurs in emergency and internist departments (including pulmonology, cardiology, geriatric ...), pediatric, neonatological, intensive care units as well as in out-patient care and in the offices of family doctors. The independence of doctors who are on duty and speed in determining the causes of dyspnoea, the ability to monitor the patient's condition is a key argument for using ultrasound in the daily practice of a doctor.

    It is not surprising then that so many young doctors and students around the world want to broaden their knowledge and practice in the field of general ultrasound and lung ultrasound.

    In response to your needs, we created a practical Atlas of cases in the field of lung ultrasonography. The publication contains numerous descriptions of often and rarely encountered lung disease entities, enriched with high-quality photographs and ultrasound videos. When studying such a publication, it is much easier to make diagnostic decisions.

    With best wishes to develop passion for lung ultrasonography.

  • About the Authors

    Natalia Buda, PhD, graduated Medical University of Gdansk (Poland), specializing in internal medicine, where she also obtained her PhD in the field of lung ultrasonography. She combines clinical, research and teaching activities in the Department of Internal Medicine, Connective Tissue Diseases and Geriatrics at University Clinical Centre in Gdansk and Medical University of Gdansk. Her main fields of research include: LUS in interstitial lung diseases, common variable immunodeficiency diseases, LUS in the course of connective tissue diseases and in a geriatric population. She has authored many articles on the subject of lung ultrasonography. Since 2008 Ms Buda, PhD has conducted courses focusing on LUS throughout Poland.

    Assoc. Prof. Wojciech Kosiak graduated pediatry in Medical University of Gdansk. He works in a Clinical University Centre and Medical University of Gdansk, where he teaches.  He has written many articles in the fields lung ultrasonography and various aspects of pediatrics ultrasonography. Prof. Kosiak has organised an annual courses of lung sonography in Zamosc (Poland) and many courses in chest ultrasonography and pediatrics ultrasonography in whole Poland. Since 2017 he became a President of Polish Ultrasound Society.

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