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  • Atlas of lung pathologies

    Presents possibilities of ultrasound technology in the diagnostics of virtually all lung pathologies – and it does it clearly, highly professionally, and systematically.

  • Lung ultrasound diagnostics in adults

    The use of lung ultrasound in everyday practice, especially at the patient's bed significantly shortens the time of diagnosis and makes it easier to monitor patients.

  • Lung ultrasound diagnostics in children

    What is especially valuable is the presentation of opportunities offered by lung ultrasound diagnostics in children, which can largely replace conventional X-ray examinations and computed tomography scans, thus significantly limiting and reducing children’s exposure to radiation.

  • High-quality images and videos

    Since the work has the form of an atlas, lung pathologies are illustrated with high-quality images and videos, which are very well marked and duly accompanied by appropriate descriptions and commentaries on the clinical and pathological aspects of the cases.

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Lung Ultrasound. Atlas of cases.
Example pages.

  • Pulmonary embolism

    A pulmonary embolism with pulmonary infractions is seen in LUS as a round (in early lesions) or wedge-shaped subpleural consolidation with vascular sign visible near the bottom margin or within...

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  • Pneumonia

    Just like atelectasis, inflammatory lesions prestented as a consolidation have a normally maintained flow in colour Doopler (CD) and power Doppler(PD) sonography. Additionally, a dynamic air bronchogram...

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  • Metastasis to lung

    Neoplastic lesions are often marked by non-homeogeneous echogenicity and echotexture. Flow pattems on both CD and PD are disorganised / chaotic (Fig 4). The shape can be regular (which is more offen...

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