Lung ultrasound

This workshop provides basic and intermediate lung ultrasound skills and elements of chest interventional diagnostic. This course is dedicated for physicians who would like to improve their efficiency in diagnosis pulmonary diseases using ultrasonography.


1 day
9.oo-9.3o Lung ultrasound – introduction
9.3o-1o.15 Ultrasound anatomy, artifacts and basic ultrasound signs
1o.15-11.oo Technique of LUS examination and description
11.oo-11.3o Coffee break
11.3o-12.oo Knobology and the best parameters for LUS
12.oo-13.oo Pleural cavity: pleural effusion and pneumothorax
13.oo-14.oo B-lines diseases (cardiac and non-cardiac oedema, ILD)
14.oo-15.oo lunch
15.oo-17.oo Practice part on models and phantom-toracocentesis
17.oo–19.oo Practice part on models and phantom-toracocentesis

2 day
9.oo-9.45 Pneumonia
9.45-1o.3o Atelectasis and lung tumor
1o.3o-11.oo Pulmonary embolism
11.oo-11.3o Coffee break
11.3o-13.3o Practice on patients
13.3o-14.3o lunch
14.3o-15.3o Clinical case reports – interactive session
15.3o-16.3o Clinical case reports – interactive session
16.3o-17.oo LUS-Quiz

Course price:
700 euro/person. Paid up to 4 weeks before the training date.

Price include:
practice part and lectures, hard cover book “Lung Ultrasound-Atlas of cases” and 1 year full access to e-book and portal, coffee and lunch catering during lectures.

Price NOT include:
transfer and accommodation costs

Starting times and length of breaks may be subject to change.


via website (register to and send application form via e.mail:

Venue and term:
Gdansk, Poland; 9-10 September 2020
Gdansk, Kowale, ul. Staropolska 32, ENDOMED