How to learn with LUS Expert in a few steps

post by Natalia Buda

1. Register on ( to gain access to free articles about lung ultrasonography. Among them: lung ultrasound technique in adults, children and newborns.

2. More content is available by purchasing a license for full access to the portal - which includes an e-book (in pdf format), and an online version of the book, with the basics of lung ultrasound (chest anatomy in USG, artifacts, consolidations), lung ultrasound technique, and numerous cases of frequent and rare lung diseases.

3. We encourage you to read the chapters (1-4), which present materials regarding:

a) how to properly perform lung ultrasound examination (Chapter I - Technique)

b) anatomy in lung ultrasound examination (Chapter II - Anatomy)

c) explanation, what are artifacts and what is their definition (lines A, B, C ...) (Chapter III - Artifacts)

d) explanations of the differences between consolidations and how to differentiate them (on the example of atelectasis, embolic and cancerous lesions (Chapter IV - Consolidations)

4. In the next step, use the search engine and enter the keyword that interests you. All cases with relevant materials will be displayed. The cases contain a short clinical description of the patient, and photos with descriptions. In addition, most case reports are enriched with videos that allow you to observe the changes described in real time.

5. We also invite you to the video presentation, which briefly presents the functionalities of the portal.